“Ray, ask your friends to consider themselves Spiritual Warriors, vanguards of Light and Escorts of Change in your planets consciousness. Your physical presence will heighten and accelerate the change and your friends involvement through you will do so exponentially. This will be birthed into what could be called “vibrational seed culture”. This will allow successive generations and individual incarnations with your human collective to be freed from the current destructive miasmic imprints.”

Warfare as a result of the species survival instinct, has been historically necessary in order for earlier states of human evolution to organically experience and evolve from the illusion of separateness. Initially human “will” had to be shaped through developing “the will to be”, or physical survival. Once established, higher aspects of “will” could be developed. Your species has reached a level of awareness that now requires the release of ancient destructive energetic patterns from cellular consciousness. Your resonant presence there and conscious intention to further this important process on Earth will introduce and anchor these energetic movements. You and your friends are honored by many in Spirit for this undertaking!”7-5-05