I often experience energetic challenges prior to taking on a new purpose or teaching that is ready to come through me. We must all embody the changes in order to bring Spirit into Matter. The process can be difficult to say the least.

I have shared with many of you before I left what I perceived as the purpose of this time here. It is expanding and being further revealed during the period of personal vibrational acclimation and adjustments.

I am sharing this information and presenting these messages from Spirit as an invitation to participate at distance in the higher purpose of this journey. Personal and planetary healing is calling! Spirit suggested this opening to your participation to those already connected to me through our healing work together and to those with intentional resonance.

“You are shifting the polarized energetic imprints of opposites-separateness- by entering into an accelerated setting of survival miasms. Through the physical, emotional, mental level miasmic clearings, you will initiate change both within and without. The unification of certain forces that maintain the distorted miasmic energy of opposites will nudge your planet a step forward as your world has again responded to its Universal calling and responsibility.”