I’Resha was the word I spoke into the ear of the young warrior initiate I held in the pre-dawn light as he was circumcised on the slopes of Mt. Nyiru. I was honored to assist the first initiate on the sacred mountain. Once completed the ceremony was then repeated across the village, then the mountain and spreading across Samburuland throughout Northern Kenya. Having been honored this way, the new Moran (warrior) Subato became my adopted son and I was welcomed into the tribe as one of them.

I also spent hours with the word “courage” as I walked solo through the clear, arid, and harsh desert of Northern Kenya for 5 days with two camels to carry my equipment and their Samburu keepers.

Vigilance, courage, and humility are being called for as we usher in the changes to balance the opposites of fear, separateness, and pride. I have always personally experienced Africa as a land of extremes. Abundant life, death, survival, loss, light, dark, joy and pain, each follows the other rapidly in waves and are brightly reflected off the other every moment. More fully than ever I am aware of the deep purposeful core energies here in East Africa and its purpose in catalyzing the planetary changes that are occurring. And there is no doubt of the very real benefit and influence that each of you that participated in the work here contributed to the personal and planetary healing here. Spirit relayed this message to all of you in particular:

“Understand that much is taking place concurrently and within each person on subtle as well as physical dimensions on your planet. Remember your physical world is a realm of effect, not cause. And as ancient distortions of fear and survival are exposed and experienced, the need for human conscious participation in the awakening is necessary in order to release the collective soul impressions of your world. The very dense vibrations in certain areas of your biosphere also hold incredible potentials of light and movement. Ancient energy configurations in these areas and the energetics of rapid expansion and contraction that are affecting your planet and inhabitants cause these submerged distorted psychic impressions within the planet to rise in order to be neutralized. The earth’s past and its frozen disturbances of polarity must be purged through increased conscious movement. With human consciousness positively assisting the purifying process, aeons of destructive creative forces are healed. We send infinite blessings and support to your many co-workers and others in whom the future of your world rests.”