When considering what to share on this, my updated “News From Afar” page, I took the time to look again at the earlier information contained in the 2005 writings and channeling. I was struck by how precise and timely the information still is! So in addition to recent video shot in Mexico and California of my public talks, some of the 2005 information is again included which aligns with the ongoing theme of the increasing challenge of our personal and planetary ‘Rites of Passage”. “Vigilance (presence), courage, and humility are paramount as you learn to embody first, then transform the energy of opposites into unity; your planets challenge. This applies to all during this endeavour as your Earth’s future is being created. The rapid energetic expansion/contraction movements that are affecting your planet requires submerged psychic disturbances to rise in order to be neutralized by collective experience and conscious awareness. This is a long difficult process for your planet as humans come to terms with their Co-creative Divinity”. “Understand that much is taking place concurrently and within each person on subtle as well as physical dimensions on your planet. Remember your physical world is a realm of effect, not cause. And as ancient distortions of fear and survival are exposed and experienced, the need for human conscious participation in the awakening is necessary in order to release the collective soul impressions of your world. The very dense vibrations in certain areas of your biosphere also hold incredible potentials of light and movement. Ancient energy configurations in these areas and the energetics of rapid expansion and contraction that are affecting your planet and inhabitants cause these submerged distorted psychic impressions within the planet to rise in order to be neutralized. The earth’s past and its frozen disturbances of polarity must be purged through increased conscious movement. With human consciousness positively assisting the purifying process, aeons of destructive creative forces are healed. We send infinite blessings and support to your many co-workers and others in whom the future of your world rests.” “You are shifting the polarized energetic imprints of opposites-separateness- by entering into an accelerated setting of survival miasms. Through the physical, emotional, mental level miasmic clearings, you will initiate change both within and without. The unification of certain forces that maintain the distorted miasmic energy of opposites will nudge your planet a step forward as your world has again responded to its challenge.” “Ray, ask your friends to consider themselves Spiritual Warriors, vanguards of Light and Escorts of Change in your planets consciousness. Your physical presence will heighten and accelerate the change and your friends involvement through you will do so exponentially. This will be birthed into what could be called “vibrational seed culture”. This will allow successive generations and individual incarnations with your human collective to be freed from the current destructive miasmic imprints.” Warfare as a result of the species survival instinct, has been historically necessary in order for earlier states of human evolution to organically experience and evolve from the illusion of separateness. Initially human “will” had to be shaped through developing “the will to be”, or physical survival. Once established, higher aspects of “will” could be developed. Your species has reached a level of awareness that now requires the release of ancient destructive energetic patterns from cellular consciousness. Your resonant presence there, and conscious intention to further this important process on Earth, will introduce and anchor these energetic movements. You and your friends are honored by many in Spirit for this undertaking!”