Ray presents his work worldwide and travels extensively. Dates are subject to change so please check with Ray to confirm the time and locations!




Dates are subject to change so please check with Ray to confirm the time and locations!

February 2020

  • Feb 27 & 28 – Los Angeles, CA
  • Feb 29 – Palm Springs, CA

March 2020

  • Mar 1  – Palm Springs, CA
  • Mar 3 – Los Angeles, CA
  • Mar 5, 6, & 7 – Ojai, CA
  • Mar 18 to 28 – Isla Mujeres, MX

April & May 2020

  • Taking Refuge  – Isla Mujeres, Mx
  • “World Healing Group Meditation”  Each Sunday in April, Ray will guide/host a World Healing Meditation from Isla Mujeres, Mexico at 4:30 PM PST; 6:30 PM CST; and 7:30 PM EST.

This distance hosted meditation provides an energetic link to Ray and the many other participants as they focus on transforming the present by healing the past.  Every July the 4th for the past 6 years Ray has hosted a World Healing Meditation from a powerful location on the planet that supports the healing, personal needs of present world challenges. As part of Ray’s constant travel and healing work around the world, he intentionally finds and retreats to powerful planetary location that acts to accelerate our collective focus and transmission of healing intentions. The small Caribbean island of Isla Mujeres will be where Ray will host from during this current world crisis.

This most easterly point in Mexico, where the sun rises and first touches land each day, is a very powerful spot with an ever evolving vortex and energetic meridian that runs from Southeast to Northwest just off shore, and then across land. Ray will be sitting within, and aligning with, this energetic corridor to engage and amplify our group’s meditation.

This is not a Digital Streaming Event.  It is a simple, no cost opportunity no matter your level of meditation experience to join in with a group of individuals with the intention to heal and transform. At the set local time, simply sit quietly and open inwardly for whatever amount of time you can. You may include anyone or thing in your healing focus! But remember that the deeper theme is to open ourselves and our planet to Unconditional Freedom from the past, Why the past? Because our current planetary crisis is a result of attachment to misconceptions about the nature of reality; personally and collectively. During the hour together we will focus on the deepest meaning of Healing… Inner liberation and freedom from illusions of separateness.Very important these days of experiencing the separation from Nature and increased levels of mistrust of Life.

Illusions bind us to the past. Old archaic stories and attachments blocks our ability to understand we are part of Nature… the All…not separate. We expend enormous energy trying to maintain the past on so many levels. By letting go and allowing the past to be healed, a new relationship with Life becomes possible. The current challenge of change is asking for exactly this!

May our focused time together help this world we inhabit be free from the unnecessary suffering our illusions cause all beings

Ray’s Itinerary for 2020 is constantly being updated! Please check back soon for details and specific dates.