The Nature of the Work

“Nature is the movement that gives rise to expressions of individuality, change, and evolution. Nature is the string that connects all life in Oneness.”



The Nature of the Work

“Nature is the movement that gives rise to expressions of individuality, change, and evolution. Nature is the string that connects all life in Oneness.”

Healing is a natural movement. It is change, letting go, adapting and evolving to higher, healthier states of being. Ray’s abilities to guide others to open to their own nature of healing is a result of his experience and commitment over the years to helping others change their lives.

Ray’s multi-dimensional healing abilities are non-invasive and compliments a clear, total health plan, which may involve traditional, as well as alternative, programs.

Ray presents his work worldwide and travels extensively. He frequently visits and conducts his work throughout the US, Mexico, East Africa, and Europe. For more information on Ray’s itinerary and availability please visit ITINERARY & TRAVEL in this site.

As a result of many years of doing this work in varied settings around the world, Ray possesses the uniquely evolved ability to work in altered states under many different circumstances to meet one’s healing needs, whether physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual! His work is authentic and is not connected to any marketable modality or healing system! There are several ways to experience Ray’s work…

Personal sessions entail dialog, counsel, energetic readings and direct hands-on work energy with the individual’s subtle life force. A variety of skills and tools learned from years of healing may be used. At the foundation of all his healing work is the intention to create positive energetic movement where there is inner resistance, and to release the negative imprint of the past. Ray is able to connect deeply to the vibrational essence of a person, place, or thing and act as the catalyst and interpreter of these energies. Energetic restructuring then facilitates positive change (healing!). Followed by self-care and clear intention (self responsibility) profound life changes, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually are the result!

Ray began creating “THE NATURE OF HEALING” series of workshops and talks over 20 years ago and is continuously updating them. This series of interactive presentations guide participants in learning tools and awareness concepts that help in understanding and transforming life challenges. Each presentation is adapted to the setting and needs of the group, while also addressing individual healing needs. Ray’s skills allow him to guide participants in becoming conscious co-creators that are part of a larger system, nature, through personal healing and transformation.

By exploring these pages you will discover some of the ways Ray’s life’s work offerings may assist you along your healing path as it has thousands of others worldwide. (For more information see Ray’s Work Offerings below.)

Private Sessions

Typically a meeting consists of a confidential discussion, counsel, and energetic assessment followed by a session lasting approximately one hour. A wide variety of guided techniques and tools are utilized to meet the individuals healing needs. A session may require channeled information, chakra restructuring, psychic surgery, past life healing, energetic cord clearing/removal, cellular reprogramming, entity/disincarnate clearing, negative geopathic energy influence investigation, and more. The client is assisted in addressing their personal growth and well being by understanding the holistic relationship between current health concerns and the energetic influences of one’s environment, belief systems, and behaviors. During or following the session a client may experience a wide range of physical sensations ,visions, thoughts, and emotions. Shifts on many levels may be experienced days, weeks, or even months afterwards depending upon the clients active participation in, and intention toward, their healing commitment.

Distance Sessions

A distance session is virtually the same as the above but can be done without physical contact as the work is done on subtle, causal, energetic levels. An appointment is made and then a brief contact by phone to discuss concerns. Then the client retires to a comfortable place as Ray works. The session is recorded and the original is sent to the recipient. No copies are retained! See contact and appointments for scheduling a distance session.

Group Presentations and Workshops

Speaking engagements for organized groups as well as special presentations are available. Workshops are experiential gatherings designed as transformational healing experiences for the participants. “The Nature of Healing” ongoing series of workshops were created by Ray in response to requests from individuals around the world interested in his work. Some of the current offerings in the “Nature of Healing” series are: The Energetics of Healing I and II, The Nature of Relationship, Healing Your Histories, Trust as the Doorway, The Nature of Surrender, and Transcendence Through Transformation; the Energetics of Choice; and “Becoming and Being” Energetic Rites of Passage.

World Healing Meditations

Each July 4th Ray honors “Independence Day” by traveling to a powerful, remote, and sacred location somewhere on our planet, and hosting/guiding participants to connect at distance with him in meditation for 1 hour. In previous years it has been held in a Buddhist monastery in the Himalayan foothills of Ladahk, Northern India; from deep in the wilderness of central Kenya and the Great Rift Valley; and from sacred Buddhist caves in the country of Myanmar in Southeast Asia. In the spirit of the quest for healing and inner freedom from illusion, these distance, participatory meditations aid you on your healing journey and assist in healing the challenges that are a product of our illusions about the nature of reality and personal freedom. True “independence” means energetic autonomy and freedom from the negative influences of the past, and inner liberation and healing from illusions of separateness. From the many messages received, it is always very powerful experience for participants.

Simply contact Ray HERE and state that you wish to join in this healing focus. Ray records the names of each individual who does so, and sends energy and a special healing focus specifically to each of those that do.
On July the 4th at the appointed time found on the TRAVEL & ITINERARY page, open to receive for one hour. And may it help this world we inhabit to be free from untruths and the unnecessary suffering our attachment to illusions cause all beings.

Animal Assistance

Ray has worked internationally with many wild and domestic animal species, both as a conservation/preservation professional and through his unique healing skills.

Ray sees domestic animals as a reflection of their relationship with human consciousness and focuses the healing on the animal from that perspective, which usually includes the human most closely aligned with that animal. Wild animals reflect planetary consciousness and work with them usually involves working with it’s environment. Arrangements and appointments are made in the same manner as with human healing needs. Wild animal healing is often included in Ray’s Safaris of Self Discovery.

World Tours of Self Discovery

When we travel out of the familiar we are presented with opportunities and energies that open and expand our ideas of our selves and life. We are inspired and often challenged. With over 30 years experience in the tour industry, Ray Johnston International and Pure Wild Safaris regularly sponsors guided tours around the globe that are specifically designed to act as catalysts on our healing paths. Private sessions with Ray, meditations, group work with themes, conservation volunteer projects, visits with experts respected in their field of work, local healers/teachers, and sacred locations are all options included in these tours that visit powerful and exotic locations around the world. Each participant’s comfort, safety, and sense of healing and adventure are considered. This allows maximum opportunity to travel just as far inwardly as without! To learn more about Ray’s upcoming self-discovery tours, please visit the Travel & Itinerary page.