With 35 years of conscious commitment to the healing path and 23 years as a professional healer/teacher, Ray has received many words of appreciation from around the world.




With 35 years of conscious commitment to the healing path and 20 years as a professional healer/teacher, Ray has received many words of appreciation from around the world.

“I first heard about Ray from a friend who had used his services and was very pleased.  My first contact was by telephone to talk about an emotional issue, and I was very impressed with the response I got from Ray.  I decided the next visit was going to be in person, which it was.  Ray has helped me through some very troubling physical issues which contemporary medical professionals could do nothing for.  I have had sessions with Ray for the past several years and have never been disappointed.  He is the real thing!” RH

“This is a heartfelt thank you for all you have done to help me heal. I leave each session with you very aware of healing on multiple levels, a deeper relationship with myself, and a quickening in my spiritual journey. The preciseness, the depth , and the power of your work is simply beautiful. You are an amazing, authentic healer, and I am so grateful for your help. “RE

“I have worked with Ray for almost 15 years. He has helped me through three major life crises that I could not have managed on my own. Everything he has told me has been absolutely accurate. Ray has an amazing gift of insight and energetic healing. I am very grateful for his work.” JK

“I feel energetically cleansed and lovingly attuned to my deepest soul desires.  I’ve never left a session and not felt absolute joy. Ray is a powerful healer and has a true gift of being able to see into, and heal, not only the physical body, but the emotional, mental and energetic bodies as well.  Ray is one of the few healers I’ve met whom I would recommend to any and all of my friends. I am so grateful, Ray.  Thank you!” SEB

“After 25 years of working together with you I have realized that your greatest gift is your ability to relate whole person to whole person. …your energies align with my deepest energies to help release, repair and rebalance what is off-kilter in the moment. . Many, many thanks and an ocean of gratitude.” MM

“I am feeling better than i have in almost a month. Symptoms seem gone, completely. You are one amazing being!” MF

“Ray! I wanted to tell you. the session was great and there are some deep awesome shifts happening my mind cannot logic with the work you have done with me. Thank you!” MM

“Thank you for yesterday’s powerful healing session. I always experience, learn and heal on such a deep level when I’m with you and when we work together.” MH

“Ray, Just wanted to thank you for the great session. It was just what I was hoping it to be and you also addressed my underlying motivation” PK

“I am so grateful for your work. I can tell a lot of things are changing within and without. Thank you.” LS

“I wish we had more words in the English language to express gratitude and to say thank you because I’d use them all. Yesterday was an extraordinary experience for me. I don’t think there are any words that could describe it. It was beyond words. I slept very deeply, and woke this morning knowing something was different. I still feel in an altered state of some kind.

Through your work, I have now experienced first hand, and for the first time, what I always knew was true and possible about healing, and am so grateful. The experience changes my world in many ways.

I felt completely safe. I am moved and touched and more grateful than I can say for the gift you have shared, and for the gift of healing that I experienced in your hands, and my heart is very full. Thank you Ray, with all my heart.” SP

“Dear Ray, I just want to share that your intuition and channeling is amazing!!! I have listened to the 03/19/2013 session four times today and am struck by how precisely you intuit, channel and use the exact words I think and use to describe what I feel, think and believe … it is as if you were not only channeling Spirit but me, too! It is as if you were inside me, “reading” exactly how I feel and think which makes me feel so heard and understood. I thank you for being such a clear and open channel for Guidance to come through and for enabling me to have such a powerful and momentous healing session. I am grateful.!” ML

“You and your work are very much appreciated by me. I have done many different healings and you are definitely one of a kind!”

“I have wanted to write you over the years…I have to say that many of your predictions in our sessions came absolutely true! I have thought about it often and how right on you were.”

“Wanted you to know that I’m feeling a million times better this morning. “NO PAIN!!! I’m feeling much lighter and feeling a joy that I haven’t felt in a while. Wherever we went yesterday, and I can’t quite remember, it was amazing. That was some journey! You have my deepest and happiest gratitude”. SP

“I feel every cell in my body vibrating with new healing energy. Words cannot describe the experience…. It has been transformational!”
J.W. Palm Springs, CA

“You are such a blessing in my life. I feel more at peace in my body and able to express myself with more clarity and grace.”
S.B. Palm Springs, CA

I still feel your presence from moment to moment in my daily life and I find incredible strength. You are a gift in my life”.
R.H. Palm Springs, CS

“As always working with you is uplifting. I have felt a deeper alignment. Faith is now secure within me.”
K.C. Wilmington, NC

“You have been given a great gift.. I am thankful to you for being the catalyst and instrument responsible for my healing.”
D.B. Biddeford, ME

“My mom improved drastically after the distance session. The tests failed to reveal anything, so it was a great surprise! As far as she is concerned, you, not the doctors get the credit.”
P.B. London.UK

“The session with you had amazing results. He was immediately like a new person. The session was nothing short of miraculous.”
R.S. San Diego, CA

“Bless you.. Thank you so much for what you did for K and S. K had been in pain for so long but has been feeling great since seeing you. I cant thank you enough!”
L.M. Raleigh, NC

“Once again I am experiencing deep changes in my life after working with you.”
S.R. Raleigh, NC

“Ray has an extraordinary talent for helping find new spiritual insights.”
S.A. Charleston, VA

“Ray Johnston is a healer of the highest order. Ray Johnston’s wonderfully intuitive techniques were able to help me journey from dense 3-D reality into the lighter realities and then return again to the blissful state of being physical. He plays the body like a master musician plays an instrument, fine-tuning and clearing the blocks until it is vibrating as a whole and connected consciousness. I am a bodyworker of 16 years and have experienced many types of healing in the US and abroad. In short, Ray is truly one of the best! ”
K. W. Raleigh, NC

“Thank you for your healing work, I’m grateful to have you in my life.”
L. K. Los Angeles, CA

“I think so often about how much you have helped me in my process
of learning to participate in energy headings.
You are a real example of integrity of intent as well as clear ability.”
P.O. Artist, Wilmington, NC

“I truly can’t thank you enough for the incredible session we had last night. It was amazing! Life altering!”
L.S. Journalist, Boston, MA

“I felt a great shift within me. It was as if you were able to reflect the light of my soul to me. I was filled with a deep love and gratitude for your presence.”
A.N. Healer, Laredo, TX