World Healing Meditation Update!

A reminder that each Sunday evening during the month of May at 7:30 PM EST we will continue the group World Healing Distance Meditation by focusing on the true meaning of freedom and independence… releasing the past and those “things” that no longer serve us.

I have been asked to explain why this is important as a meditation focus and give suggestions for participating.

Independence and personal freedoms are impactful issues these days. But authentic freedom is begun with the realization that freedom is not simply a superficial state. It has its roots and origin and authentic state deep within us. The unawakened will measure freedom only by external experience.  Caught in that belief, one will always perceive oneself as victim and product of external circumstances, always bound to the effect… never the cause.  As one begins to awaken one understands authentic freedom is an inner state.  One becomes the cause and origin of all experiences by shifting the focus within. This is where true freedom lies. One may live in freedom physically (which is important yes…) but still suffer from inner and outer bondage, limitations, and the inability to manifest a fulfilling life if liberation is not opened to on deeper inner levels. On the other hand, one may be limited physically but can still find real freedom and independence within to overcome immense challenges and suffering.

The cause of most suffering lies deeply rooted in the past through attachment to conditioning, false beliefs, and a misinterpretation of previous experiences in our lives, leading to further dissociation from Truth.  Energy becomes stagnant or blocked on inner levels, which can also manifest physically. Crisis on some level is ultimately the result of blocked, limited or misused energy, often in the form of beliefs used as defense mechanisms to maintain the past. 

We invest an incredible amount of life force consciously and unconsciously maintaining the past: attachments to ideologies, illusions about the nature of reality, people, places, and things. This leads to further unsustainable energies due to separation from Truth and the free flowing energy of the present.

So illusions about the nature of freedom and reality create energetic blocks and vicious circles of the same destructive beliefs, and ultimately, suffering on some level. This ultimately causes all life on our planet undue suffering due to the false perception that one’s lack of freedom depends on separateness! The healing of harmful illusions about Independence with ideological roots in the past becomes the natural evolution towards inter-dependence without being threatened by true connectedness. So this World Healing focuses on inner liberation and healing the past which maintain illusions of separateness

May it help all of us, and this world we inhabit, to be truly Free by healing illusions and the unnecessary suffering caused by our attachment to the past.

Suggestion for participating:

Sit quietly in your place of refuge at the appointed time and meditate for one hour (or as long as possible) upon the intention to release any attachments, conscious or unconscious, to energies, concepts, illusions, or actual things that keep one bound to the past. Focus your intention and your breath on letting go of inner and outer tensions and relaxing energies knotted up inwardly in vicious circles of resistance to real freedom and inter-dependence.

Open your self to the healing forces that will emanate from your own beneficial spiritual helpers and from here on the southern end of Isla Mujeres where I will be focusing on the same intention. This location in the eastern most Mexican Caribbean has long been a focal point of energy and healing. If we are to move fully through this crisis, letting go of the myriad manifestations of the past, personal and collective, must be realized.

Thank you for your commitment to healing,



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